What We Do

Ongoing Cloud Pvt Ltd conducts programing and software development as well as upgradation services. The company undertakes all the troubleshoots for giving out a clean and pleasant experience while using software developed by us.

Creative Artisans

Ongoing Cloud Pvt Ltd is a place where we have pulled together a team of people who love technology, and those who love to use them for the ease and betterment of certain purpose. We build everything with burning passion , be it a website or be it any software we put our hearts in to provide a never before felt experience.

Our mission is to make fast and secure applications/websites.


Who We Are

About Us

Ongoing Cloud Pvt Ltd has been established as an IT company in India. Our traditional business approach is based on accomplishment of the projects and solving issues regarding them according to customers liking. Based on the decision of the company we have now gone ahead and established a branch in Rajkot for the upgradation of the services provided and for completing the basic requirements. It’s just at a starting phase right now but with the amount of projects we have been gathering we sure see a great future ahead of for Ongoing Cloud Pvt Ltd.

Why Us

Firstly due to the active participation of workers here at Ongoing Cloud Pvt Ltd we have the best possible team to design ,work with and deliver the best product possible. The quality and the cleanliness of the work here at Ongoing Cloud Pvt Ltd can be seen through the end result we produce. Here at Ongoing Cloud Pvt Ltd we believe in an transparent approach and if the result is unsatisfactory we work on it again till we provide the desired output.

What we believe

Hard work : Here at Ongoing Cloud Pvt Ltd, all our employees are work enthusiast and they put their heart in for the job assigned to them. It makes it easier to integrate their work to deliver the desired output and provide an overwhelming experience to the users.

Team Work : Here at Ongoing Cloud Pvt Ltd, we are more like friends working together to reach our own goals and work towards the betterment of the company. Hence each and every project has certain things delivered by everyone at Ongoing Cloud Pvt Ltd.

Transcendance : To provide an experience like never before. Things are new when Ongoing Cloud Pvt Ltd provides it and it would be always new cause Step5 takes care about that.

Our Goal

Regional expansion of the firm and develop a strong base of key customers. Increase the assets and investments of the company to support the development of the services, we provide. To build reputation in the field of IT and become the best player in the field.

Our Team

Group of Engineers, Technicians and Former Workers Of Different firms that got together to build Ongoing Cloud Pvt Ltd, a company that not only provides a ticket to ride on towards success and our own goals but also have an unorthodox approach towards the customers. We all have been in one way or another been affected by the working and ways of the irrational IT companies out there which gains our trust and then feel betrayed by them. Ongoing Cloud Pvt Ltd is a company that deals with their customer with a transparent approach and satisfy every need while and after building the product/project. We dont believe the work to be completed ,till the customer is satisfied to his/her fullest.

301, 3rd Floor
Radhe Shyam-2
Opp. Backbone Shopping Center
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Phone: (+91) 7016068986